About Tiki Tunes End of Summer Concert

We will host a free concert on Tiki Island near Galveston, Texas on Sept. 2, 2023, starting at 6:30 pm at the pavilion. There will be a live band, plenty of room to set up lawn chair or blanket on the lawn, and a food truck offering burgers and tacos. Raffle items will be available along with free STEP UP T-shirts.

Since 2020 we have participated in Step Up America events benefiting STAAR Ovarian Cancer to help raise awareness and funds to support research. Due to the lack of federal funding for low-grade serous ovarian cancer, it is critical that we spread the word about the symptoms and find new treatments that effectively impact the lives of patients. It is our mission to STEP UP for people who have been diagnosed and for those who may be unaware of the symptoms. The Tiki Island STEP UP America Team has close ties to low-grade serous ovarian cancer. We have cheered on our lifelong friend, Nicole Andrews, as she has battled this disease with grace. We will continue to support her efforts as she leads a team of volunteers wishing to make a difference in many women’s lives.