Step Up America for Ovarian Cancer--Shirts

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Help us Color the Country Teal:

We want to have shirts placed in every state.  Look on our Step Up America page to see states that need a shirt.  If you know someone from that state, ask them to sign up to get a shirt and help us promote ovarian cancer awareness all month.

How can you spread awareness and educate?

Wear your Step Up America for Ovarian Cancer t-shirt often.  When someone reads the back of your shirt, you are educating them and spreading awareness about ovarian cancer.  You will be a human billboard for ovarian cancer!

We would love pictures of you wearing your shirt!  Please send us your pictures of you wearing the shirt or post to your social media accounts and further spread awareness to your network!  Tag @staaroc and use #coloritteal for each post.

**please note, we are unable to ship internationally.

If someone reads your shirt, ask them if they want to snap a picture of the symptoms.  Ask them for a photo with you and post that, too, showing that you've educated someone and spread awareness!  

Follow our social media accounts (@staaroc) for shareable posts or go to our website Step Up America resource page for posts you can share.

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