Jamie LaMay

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Last October I was diagnosed with stage 3b low grade serous ovarian carcinoma. I was going in For a routine hysterectomy and came out shocked. It was very overwhelming and life as I knew it was forever changed.  My family’s life was turned upside down. Looking back, the only symptom I had was I was tired. Who’s not tired these days! After a second surgery to remove more cancer I had to undergo 6 treatments of chemotherapy that were 5 hours long.  With the loving support of my family and friends I was able to make it through. I still have a battle ahead of me, but I’m staying positive and have high hopes. There isn’t much research on

my specific cancer and it’s pretty rare. I have a high recurrence rate and would love to help find a better treatment and possibly a cure. By donating to this fund you would be helping save my life along with many others.  100% will go towards research for my specific type of cancer. Any amount will do, even $5. Thank you so much. 


This year, over 21,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 14,000 women will die. There is no screening or early detection test available. Symptoms are subtle which results in only 20 percent of ovarian tumors being detected before they have progressed to an advanced stage.

STAAR Ovarian Cancer Foundation has created the Step Up America for Ovarian Cancer Campaign to raise awareness and funding for research, especially for the rare subtype, Low-Grade Serous Carcinoma.

Every year, women of all ages are affected by ovarian cancer, especially the rare form low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSC) which disproportionately affects younger women. The lack of screening tests and limited research for ovarian cancer adds to the importance of educating women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer and the need to raise funding for research, to help give these young women better treatment options and longer lives.  

Funds raised will support ovarian cancer research. STAAR is governed and run 100% by a volunteer board and committee members, half of whom are women previously diagnosed with LGSC. Since 2020, STAAR has contributed to funding two research project at MD Anderson Cancer Center with the most recent funding a LGSC research study for $150,000. 

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