by Amy Young




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Hey all as you know I was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer called low grade serious ovarian cancer in 2019. Recently I found out that it was more advanced and invasive due to a pathology review from both 2019 and recurrence I had in 2022. Although chemo isn’t always helpful for low grade cancers we are determined to fight it with everything. This organization I’m trying to raise money for is the only organization in the us dedicated to the type of OC I have. This research is helping give a longer chance of life and less chance of recurrence. Several studies in progress to help better the statistics that show 85 percent chance for advanced cases such as mine. Anything you can do can help, especially since so many women younger than me are being diagnosed and deserve a cure.

STAAR exists to fund life-saving research for women with low-grade serous, a rare and severely underfunded ovarian cancer subtype.  Low-grade serous represents fewer than 8% of cases of ovarian cancer and disproportionately affects younger women.  Further, being a rare cancer means that private donations are critical to fund research.  More research means more time for adventures, more holidays, and more memory making!

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