The Winter House Party: a fundraiser

by Ali Kander




Campaign has ended


Thank you for taking the time to view our page! We are throwing a dance party to raise money to fund research for better treatment options for low-grade serous carcinoma, a rare and extremely underfunded subtype of ovarian cancer.  STAAR is 100% volunteer-run which means more of every dollar goes directly towards their mission.

STAAR exists to fund life-saving research for women with low-grade serous, a rare and severely underfunded ovarian cancer subtype.  Low-grade serous represents fewer than 8% of cases of ovarian cancer and disproportionately affects younger women.  Further, being a rare cancer means that private donations are critical to fund research.  More research means more time for adventures, more holidays, and more memory making!

Thank you for your support and interest in being part of our fundraising efforts.  Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest in research and on the studies we fund from the fundraising YOU supported.

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